Monday, September 12, 2011

Autumn 2011

8 Chakra Course - clearing and empowering your chakras (energy centers)

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Dear Pat,

Thank you so, so much for the answer.
You have no idea how powerful it was.

At the beginning I could not understand but my guides have been  working on it and suddenly: "Knock, knock"!

This journey is really amazing. There is nothing more important in my life.
Everything is started to go its own way.  AMAZING!

I'm so grateful.

God bless you.





Thank you so much. I need to receive this today i am appreciative you are in my life.
Sidney, New York City

Pat Dear One - What a magnificent gift you and Anayah gave to the world this evening!
Cheryl, USA

[12:01:25 AM] Anayah Joi Holily: thank you!!

8 chakra course

I never had opportunity to say "Thank you" for the chakra course and wonderful meditations.

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