Thursday, April 21, 2011

March - April 2011

Hi Pat,

I have been in a trance as I sit here listening to the book being
read. It truely is great. Thank you for sharing with us.


So Beautiful Pat, the music is sacred behind these images, brings in such peace.  Thanks so much for  creating this and then sharing. JD
Sacred Mystical Peru Video

Hello Pat..happy new equinox energies.  I found this weekend of supermoon and equinox to be a beautiful gift and it just keeps on giving.

Until today I had not found the time to listen to your audio meditation of the blue chakra.  Knowing that all things happen when they should I know why I didn't get to it until today.  But it's just perfect and falling into line with all the syncronicity of my time, lessons and gifts of awakening.  THANK YOU.

Such a beautiful voice you have been soothing and perfectly timed for this recording ~ not too fast or too slow.  

Thank You for this gift...


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