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January - February 2011

Ann Wray posted on your Wall.

Ann wrote:
"I appreciate all that you share with us on your page Pat.  I am always inspired to live my day lighter and brighter.  Thank you.

Dearest Angel Pat,

I have been drawn to quite some time in to the forgiveness stories that you linked and I am so touched to a point it is hard to concentrate to work.

I wanted to thank you for bringing this link to my attention and for being in my life. I so much want to talk to you, I am trying to make peace with the idea that so far I have so many obstacles. But I think of you all the time.

My most love ever,


Chakra Empowering Course Participants

Hi Pat,
Thanks for your honest and open experiences and guidance. As always, as soon as I have finished reading there are many things in which I can resonate with and feel that we are all going through our personnel wake ups while at the same time doing it all together...

I appreciate the hard work you do, channelling, guidance, energy work, advising, sending love, preparing the web-site ~ so thank you for your hard work and honesty.
Many Thanks
Karen xxx

Beloved Pat: 

I admire who you are and your genuineness. I appreciate you.  I do indeed feel the/our increase.

Much love,    

January 4, 2011

Galactic Grid Connects to Earth... Article

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Thank You!!!! 
Most wonderful! Beautiful! Bountiful!


The unveiling has begun. I am deeply touched, knowing that we are all part of this, looking forward to finally be given the keys to UNDERSTAND!

Thank you. This message is like a first answer to my many questions - an answer, which holds the promise to bring more and DIRECTLY inspired answers soon :-)

Sonja Myriel


I also liked so much....
With Love, and Peace,


Yes, I could feel that something really special was going on during the solar eclipse on January 4th, 2011 when the Sun was only visible for the time I was reciting the "Tube of Light" Invocation ... which was for the main part of the Solar Eclipse! It came out when I took out the printed papers - and vanished about a quarter of an hour later when we had to move on because our feet had become frozen - LOL!

Since that day I'm experiencing a cleansing process which sweeps over to my friends and family ... it has never been that intense before! And we are really MOVING!

I have been doing some research lately and one of the most important insights which I have been given is that we should use our time wisely to CLEAR all past issues. Thus, I strongly recommend to become aware of past, present and future during our light grid connections and let the Violet Ray do its work, especially to cleanse old PAST issues - for us personally but also on a planetary level! The Violet Ray is much needed in those areas were wars were taking place. Old battle fields where many soldiers lost their lives. By sending the Violet Ray into the Past and to these places we help Mother Earth enormously!

Sonja Myriel

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