Saturday, January 1, 2011

January 2011

Snowflake Meditation Article:

Happy New Year, Pat.

It is beautiful (snowflake article).  Creativity is your calling for this year.
M, Charlottesville, VA

Pat -
Leave it to you to remind us of the perfect beauty within every struggle. 
C. Colorado

Dr. Eugene Callender ForGIVEness Audio Interview

Hi Pat, 

I don't write much but i think of you very often and thank you for your work in forgiveness.

Just listened to Dr. Eugene Callender, you asked if he had a final comment and I don't recall his words but I certainly felt the Unconditional Love of God which carried the word.

God does not just bless you and your work, Pat.
He is the living presence within you and your work.

From Love, With Love, To Love. 
WM, Arkansas

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