Saturday, March 11, 2023

Thank you - notes of appreciation


Good morning, Pat. My name is _______ from Florida. I just finished reading your article in the Sedona Journal. And Honey, I just wanted to call to bless you. The last sentence that I read in your article is about being a gift of happiness. I go about life being happy. That is my gift. I'm so happy to have met you. I'm calling to bless you. God bless you for the work you do, Honey.  Bye-bye, Dear!

March 2023

Dear Pat,
You are a blessing. Your channelings helped get me to this point. I don’t have all the anxiety I had. I’ve had 2 miracle healings from God.

El, NM

March 2023

Wednesday, August 12, 2020


​​Thank you! I love it!
I felt the Reiki​, I​t calmed me right down
Tracy C, NY

Pat has been a life saver! Her vast knowledge, resources and past experience has been totally invaluable.

She's a caring, efficient and thorough person. She is flexible and easy to work with always. I would recommend her any time.

Thank you, Pat!!
Teri S, NY

Pat is a rare find - a certified professional in every sense of the word - warm, caring, and extremely knowledgeable and intuitive in the challenge my sisters and I were struggling with this new experience. Pat has not only gained the trust of our very difficult mother AND kept us sane but directed us to many on-line resources, resulting in a higher quality of care regarding safety, cleanliness, and emotional issues. My  Pat is very easy to work with. We call her our "Pat angel" and enthusiastically recommend her!
Cindy L, NY

Pat has been a godsend through an extremely long and difficult process​. ​Pat is very knowledgeable when it comes to working with the elderly, particularly with those suffering from dementia. She realizes the special challenges that seniors face and really takes the time to listen to them and connect with them. I don't know what we would do without her!
Tammy F.

Pat is perfection in many ways. She brings a kind, caring, sunny personality. I totally recommend her as a wonderful, kind and intelligent person.
Peggy F., NY


Pat was a tremendous help for me and my husband.  I have become very fond of her and feel very safe with her.  She is a rock for me to hold onto.
Peter C., NY

Pat is an angel in disguise! My mom has an autoimmune disease and is on oxygen support 24/7. She went above and beyond and helped my mom renew her passions/interests, even with her limited mobility. Pat helped us enormously with her guidance and support. If you are looking for quality, Pat is absolutely the best!
John H, NY

I have known Pat for about twenty years as members of a spiritual community and a nearby neighbor. She has maintained a summer place with visitors from all over the world.  What a luxury. So calm and peaceful it was. I miss her.
Janice M., NY

Pat knows how to live in this fast-paced world, but also knows what is important, and that has a lot to do with serving others!
Vivian E., NY

I am happy to recommend Pat C. I am a retired college professor living in Vermont.  She is a compassionate and caring person. I would highly recommend her.
Audrey H., VT

Pat was a huge help. I cannot say enough good things about Pat. She was a tremendous help.    
Jessica S., Hawaii

Friday, May 19, 2017

Palliative Care On-going Support Sessions for progressive autoimmune disease

"I just wanted to say thank you so much and I know that my mom would not have survived so long or had any type of quality of life without you. I know that she really deeply loved having you in her life and I just wanted to thank you so much.

"You spending all that time with her really did make a huge impact on her life and all our lives; she shared all the insights you came up with in sessions. It was really nice.

"She's in a better place now; when she did cross over - she had an amazing experience with her last breath. I want to share that with you."


Thursday, March 23, 2017

End of Fear - Clearing Your Holy Trinity of Chakras and Getting Free of Entanglements

Multidimensional Gut Level Healing - A Necessary Step in Ascension

By Pat Crosby and the Cosmic Council

First published in Sedona Journal of Emergence,
January 2015 "Don't Let Your Problems Eat You"

Dear Ones,

We note how much fear humanity experiences:
fear of loss in so many departments....
Read Article HERE

Melody Swanson, Publisher, Sedona Journal of Emergence, Arizona
"WOW WOW WOW! Write MORE! You need to write books and more articles!"

"Pat is an angel in disguise. She helped us tremendously with her guidance and support."

"I would like to get another session...Thank You!"

"I cannot say enough good things about Pat. She was a tremendous help!"
Jessica, Hawaii

"I am happy to recommend Pat! She is a compassionate and caring person."
Audrey, Cape Cod

"What a luxury - so calm and peaceful!"
Janice, New York

"Pat is excellent... the best attention and love!"
Carolyn, Virginia

"I've been keeping up with the meditation - I feel GREAT! Thank you :)"
Tracy, New York

Sunday, March 16, 2014

2014 Predictions article, 5th D Healing Video, Private Session Client

Private Session Client

Thanks Pat, I really truly enjoyed our time - especially the meditation...I was truly transported to a different place and was healed, hugged and loved on that table. It was truly profound.


Youtube video Healing in the 5th Dimensional Pyramid of Light

Hello, Pat, I stumbled upon a youtube video of yours about he 5th dimensional light healing and it was absolutely incredible.

I really really really am glad I came across this meditation created by you. I was looking for a way to heal. And I've read so much about your body following your mind. So if I figure if I could convince myself and bring the "golden healing light" to the area that needs healed it indeed would heal. And so in finding your meditation, well, I've looked no further after finding yours. I saved it to my bookmarks and want to use it often - maybe even every other day until healed.

Thank you so much.


The Accelerating Effects Of Light-Code Streams On Planet Earth 

February 5, 2014

Pat, you have outdone yourself with this article. Thank you!! It especially, really registers with me.

Keep up your amazing work with forgiveness. We will move forward much more quickly on the evolutionary path as forgiveness and​ love become our primary decision evaluators. 

Antonia Albano
Heartstone Lodge, VA

Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Pat Crosby - Cosmic Council Predictions 2014 The Accelerating Effects Of Light-Code Streams On Planet Earth. Sedona Journal reprint.

2014 Predictions Article for Sedona Journal by Pat Crosby

Direct link to this article

December 31, 2013

CSD, Virginia, USA


Your article touched me so deeply I cried! I have been in a whirl wind about this move and sooo anxious and afraid. Those feelings are all gone now.  I will just see how things unfold. It is truly a crazy time out here! I have forwarded your email to others.

Keep in touch. Sooooooooo good hearing from you.

Love, C.


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

2012 Final

Healing with the Lemurian Magenta Arc ~ Angel Heart Radio Broadcast, Wed Nov 28, 2012 Pat Crosby. Replay available.

Maggy Pelka Wow...that was lovely !!!! I was far behind all .....beautiful !!! Thank You !


Great talk tonight!

Hi Pat,

I listened to your talk on blogtalkradio. You speak my language. Thank you for bringing us that meditation. I have been so excited today thinking about all the new things opening up. This is such an exciting time to be on this planet! Crystal


Wonderful broadcast!!!

Dear Pat:

Thanks so much for letting me know about the Angel Heart broadcast. I would love to do the meditation again if you could put it up separately at your blog site. The program and meditation were very relevant for me as I have been involved in a Lemurian experience ever since I was with you on October 4. 

AH, Vermont, USA



Private Session Client

I was very happy with my first session and I look forward to our next one. 



Thanks for all the work you do! Much love, Randy Monk.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012



Understanding the Ancient Grids of our Planet

by Angel Heart Radio

August 22, 2012 Air Date

"Thank you, Pat! I am floating after the broadcast. Your kind and gentle guidance and insight has filled my heart, renewing my commitment to the work and to Love. Bless you. Laurie"



Resurrection of the Lemurian Grid ~ Lemurian Council through Pat Crosby


Thank YOU!:)


 Aura Tello

OH!!!!!!! ........... This BLISSFUL message fills me with a humble desire to continue releasing and cleansing past lives grievances and BECOME right here right now UNCONDITIONAL LOVE to BE a BEACON OF LIGHT  to have the privilege to BE a receptor of this BEAUTIFUL COMPASSIONATE FREQUENCIES.





Judith Annoni 

These words are so wonderful to my heart.  Thank you for sharing about the lemurian grid.  Blessing us all in the moment of our transformation. 

 ... also feel that our lightgrid work is like a preparatory work which is most needed ... very recently I have started to see the Violet Ray mix with the White Light Earth Matrix - or CREATRIX, as I have started to call her - and the result is a beautiful rose pink ... LOVE!!! And I feel the Ruby Golden energy of the 6th Ray of PEACE and SERVICE is intermingling, too ... so we get the fuchsia, magenta ... and orange shades of JOY, too :-)
"... When the strands or bands of light are interwoven in a specific geometric pattern of sacred light codes, they create new and different effects that arise from the immeasurable number of permutations that the interweaving of these strands of light can create. These are the potentialities and possibilities of this magnificent weave. These patterns of light, these codes, are intentional in their creation and their effects by the Creator of the grid and codes. ..."


I am very much looking forward to receiving more information on this :-)

In the LIGHT of UNITY and LOVE unconditional,

Sonja Myriel


Friday, December 23, 2011

Winter 2011-2012


I loved your article in Sedona Journal! It is very inspiring! 

Love and Light, 

Linda Robinson
Certified Archangel Michael Teacher through Ronna Herman's Star Quest Mystery School


"I'm writing to say Thank You.  I find your pieces in Sedona most truly enlightening, and thought you'd like to know that people are listening.  I am listening.  And I'm most appreciative."
~ Stephen J, Los Angeles


"It is always a pleasure for us to spend time with light workers, but is special when we find someone who shares the love as you do. Mahalo." 

MM, Hawaii

he Galactic Council of Light ~ Thanksgiving Message 2011

Thank you for this wonderful transmission of energy and message.


Private Session Client

"Thank you so much for spending so much time with me ...  I have always been interested in this.
"I have incorporated the Forgivness Angels and have added healing angels and of course the Golden Particles in
in my meditations.  Thank you so much
I appreciate your helping me further ...
"Thank you."
~~~ A, USA.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Autumn 2011

8 Chakra Course - clearing and empowering your chakras (energy centers)

Access the e-course at Lulu

and at Scribd

Dear Pat,

Thank you so, so much for the answer.
You have no idea how powerful it was.

At the beginning I could not understand but my guides have been  working on it and suddenly: "Knock, knock"!

This journey is really amazing. There is nothing more important in my life.
Everything is started to go its own way.  AMAZING!

I'm so grateful.

God bless you.





Thank you so much. I need to receive this today i am appreciative you are in my life.
Sidney, New York City

Pat Dear One - What a magnificent gift you and Anayah gave to the world this evening!
Cheryl, USA

[12:01:25 AM] Anayah Joi Holily: thank you!!

8 chakra course

I never had opportunity to say "Thank you" for the chakra course and wonderful meditations.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

March - April 2011

Hi Pat,

I have been in a trance as I sit here listening to the book being
read. It truely is great. Thank you for sharing with us.


So Beautiful Pat, the music is sacred behind these images, brings in such peace.  Thanks so much for  creating this and then sharing. JD
Sacred Mystical Peru Video

Hello Pat..happy new equinox energies.  I found this weekend of supermoon and equinox to be a beautiful gift and it just keeps on giving.

Until today I had not found the time to listen to your audio meditation of the blue chakra.  Knowing that all things happen when they should I know why I didn't get to it until today.  But it's just perfect and falling into line with all the syncronicity of my time, lessons and gifts of awakening.  THANK YOU.

Such a beautiful voice you have been soothing and perfectly timed for this recording ~ not too fast or too slow.  

Thank You for this gift...


Friday, February 18, 2011

January - February 2011

Ann Wray posted on your Wall.

Ann wrote:
"I appreciate all that you share with us on your page Pat.  I am always inspired to live my day lighter and brighter.  Thank you.

Dearest Angel Pat,

I have been drawn to quite some time in to the forgiveness stories that you linked and I am so touched to a point it is hard to concentrate to work.

I wanted to thank you for bringing this link to my attention and for being in my life. I so much want to talk to you, I am trying to make peace with the idea that so far I have so many obstacles. But I think of you all the time.

My most love ever,


Chakra Empowering Course Participants

Hi Pat,
Thanks for your honest and open experiences and guidance. As always, as soon as I have finished reading there are many things in which I can resonate with and feel that we are all going through our personnel wake ups while at the same time doing it all together...

I appreciate the hard work you do, channelling, guidance, energy work, advising, sending love, preparing the web-site ~ so thank you for your hard work and honesty.
Many Thanks
Karen xxx

Beloved Pat: 

I admire who you are and your genuineness. I appreciate you.  I do indeed feel the/our increase.

Much love,    

January 4, 2011

Galactic Grid Connects to Earth... Article

Comments from re-post at

Thank You!!!! 
Most wonderful! Beautiful! Bountiful!


The unveiling has begun. I am deeply touched, knowing that we are all part of this, looking forward to finally be given the keys to UNDERSTAND!

Thank you. This message is like a first answer to my many questions - an answer, which holds the promise to bring more and DIRECTLY inspired answers soon :-)

Sonja Myriel


I also liked so much....
With Love, and Peace,


Yes, I could feel that something really special was going on during the solar eclipse on January 4th, 2011 when the Sun was only visible for the time I was reciting the "Tube of Light" Invocation ... which was for the main part of the Solar Eclipse! It came out when I took out the printed papers - and vanished about a quarter of an hour later when we had to move on because our feet had become frozen - LOL!

Since that day I'm experiencing a cleansing process which sweeps over to my friends and family ... it has never been that intense before! And we are really MOVING!

I have been doing some research lately and one of the most important insights which I have been given is that we should use our time wisely to CLEAR all past issues. Thus, I strongly recommend to become aware of past, present and future during our light grid connections and let the Violet Ray do its work, especially to cleanse old PAST issues - for us personally but also on a planetary level! The Violet Ray is much needed in those areas were wars were taking place. Old battle fields where many soldiers lost their lives. By sending the Violet Ray into the Past and to these places we help Mother Earth enormously!

Sonja Myriel