Thursday, March 23, 2017

End of Fear - Clearing Your Holy Trinity of Chakras and Getting Free of Entanglements

Multidimensional Gut Level Healing - A Necessary Step in Ascension

By Pat Crosby and the Cosmic Council

First published in Sedona Journal of Emergence,
January 2015 "Don't Let Your Problems Eat You"

Dear Ones,

We note how much fear humanity experiences:
fear of loss in so many departments....
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Melody, Sedona, Arizona
"WOW WOW WOW! Write MORE! You need to write books and more articles!"

"Pat is an angel in disguise. She helped us tremendously with her guidance and support."

"I would like to get another session...Thank You!"

"I cannot say enough good things about Pat. She was a tremendous help!"
Jessica, Hawaii

"I am happy to recommend Pat! She is a compassionate and caring person."
Audrey, Cape Cod

"What a luxury - so calm and peaceful!"
Janice, New York

"Pat is excellent... the best attention and love!"
Carolyn, Virginia

"I've been keeping up with the meditation - I feel GREAT! Thank you :)"
Tracy, New York

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