Sunday, March 16, 2014

2014 Predictions article, 5th D Healing Video, Private Session Client

Private Session Client

Thanks Pat, I really truly enjoyed our time - especially the meditation...I was truly transported to a different place and was healed, hugged and loved on that table. It was truly profound.


Youtube video Healing in the 5th Dimensional Pyramid of Light

Hello, Pat, I stumbled upon a youtube video of yours about he 5th dimensional light healing and it was absolutely incredible.

I really really really am glad I came across this meditation created by you. I was looking for a way to heal. And I've read so much about your body following your mind. So if I figure if I could convince myself and bring the "golden healing light" to the area that needs healed it indeed would heal. And so in finding your meditation, well, I've looked no further after finding yours. I saved it to my bookmarks and want to use it often - maybe even every other day until healed.

Thank you so much.


The Accelerating Effects Of Light-Code Streams On Planet Earth 

February 5, 2014

Pat, you have outdone yourself with this article. Thank you!! It especially, really registers with me.

Keep up your amazing work with forgiveness. We will move forward much more quickly on the evolutionary path as forgiveness and​ love become our primary decision evaluators. 

Antonia Albano
Heartstone Lodge, VA

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