Friday, October 15, 2010

Email testimonials - October 2010

Pat:  that was great. 
Your delivery was also most professional and polished.
~ M., New York

Thanks again Pat - I'm SO glad we've been introduced for a new level of our journeys.
~ Dr D., Colorado

Thanks for the update...well done.
With love and a hug.
~ R., United States

Thank you for the beautiful share.  Most inspiring. For several weeks, I have been reading a few lines ... before falling asleep.  I've decided that the final challenge of my life is to become love.
~ M, New York

"Just that I am so very grateful for your generous commitment to help and support us.
Thank you so much!"
~ C., Virginia, United States

I am deeply appreciative of this wonderful opportunity to go higher. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
~ S, Missouri, United States

Thanks, Dear,
...the first class was a tremendous success. I felt it in my spirit.  I will listen in to your recording and enjoy.
~ S, New York

Archangel Michael and Chakra Classes

Pat Crosby

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