Wednesday, November 28, 2012

2012 Final

Healing with the Lemurian Magenta Arc ~ Angel Heart Radio Broadcast, Wed Nov 28, 2012 Pat Crosby. Replay available.

Maggy Pelka Wow...that was lovely !!!! I was far behind all .....beautiful !!! Thank You !


Great talk tonight!

Hi Pat,

I listened to your talk on blogtalkradio. You speak my language. Thank you for bringing us that meditation. I have been so excited today thinking about all the new things opening up. This is such an exciting time to be on this planet! Crystal


Wonderful broadcast!!!

Dear Pat:

Thanks so much for letting me know about the Angel Heart broadcast. I would love to do the meditation again if you could put it up separately at your blog site. The program and meditation were very relevant for me as I have been involved in a Lemurian experience ever since I was with you on October 4. 

AH, Vermont, USA



Private Session Client

I was very happy with my first session and I look forward to our next one. 



Thanks for all the work you do! Much love, Randy Monk.

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